In order to play, you must submit $5.00 and a mom of a 4-month-old infant or younger in the raffle. 
Every mom is $5.00 so if you would like to submit 2 moms in the raffle that is a $10.00 payment. Friday the raffle winners will be announced and starting Saturday afternoons, diaper deliveries will start. (If you are an out of state participant raffle tickets are $10.00 per mom to cover shipping costs.
1st place winner....... wins $250.00 diapers 
2nd place winners....... wins 200 diapers
3rd place winners...... win 150 diapers
4th place winner win.... 100 diapers
(This does not have to be a NICU mom) September is all about NICU awareness, so we are raising awareness to EVERYONE.
Diaper sizes included are Preemie/Newborn/Size 1 and Size 2. 

Diaper Raffle


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